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A blog is born

Here it is, my 23 Things blog as part of the Cambridge 23 Things programme.

I have been really looking forward to taking part in 23 Things, as I’m hoping it will force me to find some time for exploring various Things. I used to think that I was fairly up to date with this kind of thing but I gradually realised that by “recently” I was basically meaning 4 or 5 years ago. Which is at least one generation in web terms, if not more. Without a specific project or immediate need to try some of these tools, then it’s difficult to make time and also devote some thought to them. So 23 Things will hopefully provide the opportunity and encouragement I need.

I’m very interested in social media and learning new skills and using new technologies. I have blogged in various guises since 2000, which is possibly before Web 2.0 existed – a quick search of Wikipedia reveals the term Web 2.0 was coined in 1999 but didn’t gain currency until 2004. I’ve contributed to collaborative blogs but never had a personal blog. I have worked on more than one blog in Blogger before, so I’m using this opportunity to learn more about WordPress.

At the launch party last week, Andy Priestner asked whether there was already a sense of community among Cambridge librarians. In my opinion, as someone who has worked in a number of Cambridge libraries, there is — and there isn’t. I am particularly interested in seeing the new connections, friendships and working relationships that might be born out of the peer support and social networking that form an integral part of 23 Things.

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