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It’s a doddle, er, Doodle

Before I’d even had time to read the official blog post for Thing 5, I had already received 2 invitations to complete a Doodle poll. My social skills were clearly not up to speed. In fact, between 4 of us and 2 Doodle polls we didn’t actually manage to find a time that everyone could make but still, at least we tried.

The only minor flaw in the plan for Thing 5 was that it required knowing people’s email address. Since I only know the real identity of a handful of Cam23 participants and had already received a Doodle poll from most of those, I was a bit stumped. (The idea of putting an open poll on my blog didn’t occur to me until I saw other people doing it). I had found Doodle a good idea and very easy to use as a participant but hadn’t yet created my own poll.

Luckily for me, a friend emailed wanting to host a barbecue for a group of my old university friends and trying to find out what dates might work for everyone. Aha! I quickly created a Doodle poll and replied, sending everyone the link and Thing 5 was done(ish). Doodle worked brilliantly in this social situation (and had the added benefit of impressing a couple of my friends who had never heard of it before. Though another one mentioned that her mother-in-law was using Doodle to schedule her 80th birthday party.)

I agree with the majority of Cam23 participants – Doodle is straightforward, simple to use and has the enormous benefit of not requiring registration. I would definitely use this again for social scheduling or for arranging meetings for committees I’m on. I can see the usefulness in the workplace too – this is something of real use for library staff (though possibly less so for interactions between staff and library users).

I’m not even troubled by the name. For all those who hate the name, here’s the official explanation of why Doodle is called Doodle:

I personally don’t buy this explanation. I think they just wanted to be just as successful as Google and so picked something that sounded similar. Quite late in the development stages when the logo had already been designed, someone burst into the office and said “can you believe it, doodle is already a verb!” and they all put their heads in their hands, realising that Doodle wouldn’t be able to follow Google’s footsteps in coining a new verb. If only they had all chosen “Foofle” in the name-our-new-scheduling-service poll.

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