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Check me, getting all web 2

I have fallen behind on my Thing blogging again and probably won’t get much chance to catch up as I am not home this weekend. So this is a test post from an iPod touch to see how much index-finger cramp I can stand – this tiny screen tap-typing is painfully slow and, er, painful compared to touch-typing on an actual keyboard. Links are also really tricky so I’ll just have to say there have been se great posts on the recent things over at Girl in the Moon, Magistra et mater and elsewhere so find and read them while I let my tap-typing finger recover.


What I would have posted if I had more time

I still need to do Thing 4 and write a post about Things 1 & 2, complete with a screenshot.

Actually, looking at some of the other Cam23 blogs, I need some pictures on my blog to make it look nicer (and want to play around with the theme too as I’d like to get the tags displayed on all the posts as well).

I’m having a really good time tinkering with RSS feeds and trying out various feedreaders, mainly from suggestions gleaned from other Cam23 blogs. I need to post about that properly too.

I’ve also become slightly addicted to commenting on people’s blogs, I’ve written more words in comments in the last two days than on my own blog.

However, no time for any of that now so instead here’s a post to tell you what I do, honestly, intend to post about quite soonish.

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