#catbkchat – Section 1 of Twitter book club

This is going to be an unusual blog post as I’m going to use it to just post some thoughts for the Twitter book club, a bit like liveblogging (so expect a lack of full sentences, poor grammar and spelling, half-finished arguments, etc).

We’re about to start on Twitter and I’m not sure how busy it will be so I might have time to tweet a lot of these thoughts anyway. We’re talking about Conversations with catalogers in the 21st century and this part of the chat is focusing on the introduction, foreword (by Michael Gorman) and the 3 articles in Section I , AACR2 and RDA.

Starting with Section I because, let’s face, that seemed logical plus it wasn’t too long as to be daunting. The great upside was that the longest of the 3 articles (RDA, AACR2 and you by Elaine R. Sanchez) was available online in her institutional repository (hurray for repositories) so people can join this section even without a copy of the book.

The downside – for me at least – is that this is one of hte least interesting sections of the book for me. In fact, it made me feel quite depressed as a starting point because it was all so very negative (even the foreword is a bit negative about future developments in general and RDA in particular). In a normal book club, this would be a spoiler, but let me just say that this isn’t really representative of the whole book. The rest of the book has really interesting, thought-provoking and varied things to say. It’s not all anti-RDA polemic (which is kind of how this first section felt to me). And the book itself is aware of this slight bias – it gets mentioned later on but I wish in a way they had acknowledged it in the intro up front as it nearly put me off. I hope other people didn’t feel the same.

On balance, I realised there have been a lot of extremely pro-RDA publications too so there’s nothing wrong with something to balance that out and provide the alternative view, especially as there are a lot of people with very real reservations. I just would have liked a warning that this book would adopt a particular slant if that makes sense.

Very fast typing as I’m about to switch over to Twitter now and post this as first liveblogging entry.


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