Having ranted about Facebook and outlined my aversion to the whole social network thing, I’m going to do an immediate u-turn and admit I can see the point of LinkedIn from an individual professional perspective. In theory, if you were the joining up and joining in type, you could have a Facebook account for the social (friends, family, people in the adjoining tent at the Folk Festival) and LinkedIn for the professional (colleagues near and far, people met at conferences, etc).

I have created a (fairly private restricted) profile on LinkedIn and joined the groups. Over the course of 23 Things, I’ve definitely been breaking some of my rules about online presence, using my real name, being identifiable. I’m blogging, tweeting (just added my full name there) and through the TeachMeet now have my full name associated with both the blog and my twitter account. I’ve joined the LIS New Professionals Network for goodness sake! (Comments on my lack of actual newness not appreciated, thank you very much). My attitude may be bending on the question of online presence. However, I cannot imagine ever being comfortable putting my whole CV on my profile or adding my education details. I can see the benefits though and I do understand the potential of this particular Thing in the professional life of librarians.

On a final note, explain this to me. When I created a LinkedIn account this week, I found I already had one invitation from someone I do know who lives in the US who probably sent the invite a year or more ago (I suppose she sent the invite out without checking whether or not I had an account but weirdly LinkedIn has saved my email address in case I ever joined in future?). More worryingly, it makes suggestions of 2 people “I might know” and I cannot figure out how it has done it: one is someone I’ve collaborated with on a library blog c. 2000-2004 (so I imagine possibly his address book had my address in it and he did that thing of letting LinkedIn look at his address book?) and the other is someone I was at university who I wasn’t actually aware had my email address at all but who, bizarrely, is one of my very few “friends” on my neglected Facebook account. I cannot figure that one out and it makes me feel quite uncomfortable, like someone is watching over my shoulder…


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  1. Sarah Stamford on

    If I may say so, this looks like a really sensible approach to Linkedin. I’m not sure about your strange invitation, it’s probably either been generated automatically or someone was after a colleague with the same name. Either way just ignore it.

  2. Céline on

    Unlikely to be someone else with same name given the rarity of my full name… So weird, esp since I’ve realised I use a different email address on Facebook to the one I used for LinkedIn.

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