If anyone has any Tuesdays to spare

I was looking forward to Thing 12 and very much enjoyed the suggested reading and looking through Emma’s delicious bookmarks as well as reading up properly on what I could do on Delicious. It has all confirmed that as a personal work tool, Delicious would be incredibly useful.  

I can also see the usefulness to libraries. I completely understand some people’s ambivalence about it. I do see the drawbacks of pointing users to resources on the web like this, rather than having the links on library webpages with library “branding” (it sounds overly commercial but I think is hugely important in demonstrating what libraries offer and what value can be added by librarians, because these are precisely the things that are not self-evident to many staff and students in universities). However, the tag clouds, rss feeds and other tools offer many ways to tie the Delicious bookmarks in with the library’s own website.  

Stanford’s Green Library offers users a way to suggest links by giving them a specific tag in Delicious (which will mean the Green Library staff will check it out and add it to their own bookmarks if they feel it’s appropriate). This is a great way of promoting communication between users and library staff. Delicious is easy to use and may encourage input from more members of library staff than usually contribute to official subject guides or to the library’s web pages in general.  

I’ve been thinking in a vague way about using Delicious for bookmarking since I started working part-time. I used to try to avoid doing anything work-related from home and so there was no need for my work bookmarks to be accessible from my laptop. However, since I started working part-time, I find there is more overlap between home time and work time. I do check email from home and so inevitably see things that are going on, questions being asked, meetings being planned, during the days I’m not working.  

image by arquera


There also seems to be less and less time in each day (is this an age thing? it’s definitely getting worse). So it would also be useful to have access to those things I bookmark as “to read” or “interesting” but don’t find time to look at while I’m at my desk in the UL. Also, in four days away from work each week, I’ll often come across or be pointed towards something interesting and potentially relevant that it would be useful to bookmark in some way and look at properly when back in the UL.  

All in all, Delicious would seem to suit me perfectly. Great. I’ll set up an account. Oh, but I need my Yahoo account. Well, I know I’ve got one but what is it… frustrating… 3 attempts and no further along, I’m already a week behind on my official Reflecting upon Things, I need to blog about Thing 12 and move on or I will never catch up. What to do?  

So Delicious moves up to the top of my to-do list. I can see the value and really want to do it. As soon as I have the time. Shortage of time isn’t a problem unique to me. Andy requested an eight day week. Recently, the author Neil Gaiman was on the Radio 4 programme Museum of Curiosity speaking about how he never has enough time to get stuff done. His solution was that he could take days from people  who wouldn’t miss them – he nominated Tuesdays as days that most people wouldn’t miss, who knows what they were doing on a Tuesday? So if anyone has any Tuesdays to spare, then I will definitely use them to set up my Delicious account and use it properly. Honest.


3 comments so far

  1. Suzan on

    You can have an odd Tuesday when I am not sailing! Seriously, if you want to meet up some time during your non UL days and when I am not sailing let me know

  2. Girl in the Moon on

    I don’t have any spare Tuesdays, but you can take all the Thursdays you want. Never could get the hang of Thursdays.

  3. Céline on

    Excellent, thank you both (am easy, Thursdays, Tuesdays, it’s fine for me).

    I hope you noticed my not-at-all-shoehorned-in excuse to steal the “I only listen to Radio 4” tag.

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