Whatchoo lookin’ at, WordPress?

WordPress stats
This is a quick post in response to Niamh’s useful post about Google Analytics. In the comments there, I was discussing getting Google Analytics to work on a WordPress blog too. Niamh found a plug-in which I have been able to add to another WordPress blog where I am the web admin, but Thingblogging is a WordPress.com hosted site which doesn’t use plug-ins and doesn’t allow Google Analytics.

So I wanted to do a quick screenshot about the stats that automatically come with a WordPress.com blog. Above, you can see the stats graph that appears on the dashboard whenever I log in. There’s also a more detailed stats page which gives me referrer information (wedding site anyone?), pages and posted visited, clicks, search terms and handy summary stats which can be broken down by day, week or month. It’s quite nice that this is just a default part of your blog pages.

It doesn’t count your own visits to the site, which means my constant visits to edit/correct my posts don’t help the overall hit rate. Even though the number of hits isn’t particularly high, I do love seeing the stats for my blog. There’s not as much information as Google Analytics, which I’ll be able to explore on my other blog.

More information on WordPress stats.

2 comments so far

  1. Niamh on

    Hi Celine,
    This is really interesting, thanks for posting it! I’m sorry I couldn’t help more, but it looks like WordPress has more than enough for reporting on a blog. I think all those extra features on Google Analytics are really more useful for a ‘proper’ website anyway.

  2. Céline on

    I agree, it’s more than enough.

    Though the extras are quite cool too!


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